7 Tips for writing your resume

​7 tips for writing your Resume 

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So, you're searching for a new marketing job and have concluded that it's time to update your resume and begin considering how to advance your career. What comes next? 

In addition to reaching out to Ambition and scheduling a meeting to explore potential opportunities, the subsequent action will involve setting aside some time to sit down and document your most recent career journey. 

Whether actively job hunting or not, this will make you feel well-prepared and serve as an excellent method to analyze your experience, aiding you in determining if your current career path aligns with your aspirations. 

Now, how can you ensure your resume stands outs in a highly competitive market. 

Tailor your Resume 

Your resume should function as a dynamic tool, regularly updated and customized to cater to the specific audience you intend to reach. 

If you're currently in a role that encompasses a variety of functions but aspire to transition into a solely marketing position, the companies evaluating your resume will be particularly interested in your past marketing involvement. 

Arrange your bullet points in a way that highlights your marketing responsibilities as a priority, and make sure your accomplishments underscore your successes in the field of marketing. 

Include Detail 

Superficial overviews of your duties won't suffice. Stating 'Managing events' doesn't hold as much weight or intrigue as crafting 'Executed a sequence of 3 events across 3 global venues, accommodating a total of 180 attendees. Oversaw complete budgetary control, coordination, and post-event follow-up. Orchestrated corresponding PR efforts and led campaigns, featuring online interviews with keynote speakers and a research report. Yielded 3 new directives and generated 6 fresh prospects.' 

The identical principle applies to tasks like 'coordinating bids' or 'managing firm communications.' 

Give context to your role 

Provide an overview of the company and the industry or department you're involved in. Offer the hiring manager insight into the organizational structure. 

Being an executive when you're the sole team member varies significantly from working within a team of 10 individuals. 

Additionally, it's crucial to emphasize the extent of your responsibilities. Is your role on an international scale, a national level, or focused within a particular state? 

Be honest 

The content must precisely outline and provide comprehensive details about all the primary duties associated with your current position. 

Customizing your resume is crucial to ensure that your experience aligns with the requirements of the role, but misrepresenting your experience is unacceptable. 

This principle extends to being truthful in describing your responsibilities. For instance, aiding in bid coordination differs significantly from overseeing the entire bids process. 

Address gaps 

Don't overlook these periods, as the hiring manager will definitely take notice. Any gaps longer than 3 months should be addressed. 

I come across individuals who prioritize permanent positions in their job search, and as a result, they tend to dismiss the significance of including freelance projects on their resume. However, in reality, these brief projects can enhance your CV, so be sure to feature them. 

Have you been traveling? Fantastic! It reflects interests beyond your professional life, so be sure to incorporate this as well. 

Create a portfolio  

Portfolios aren't exclusive to designers; they serve as a remarkable means to display your accomplishments. 

I've come across remarkable instances of individuals' portfolios that exhibit projects like bids, campaigns, event materials, applications, event-related products, and more. 

This approach can tremendously animate your work and serve as a captivating conversation starter during interviews. After all, actions speak louder than words. 

Update your LinkedIn profile

While the resume is far from dead, your future employer is highly likekly to look for you on LinkedIn. So ensure that your profile reflects your resume and is up to date.

Talk to a specialist recruiter 

Engaging in conversation with an individual who comprehends your industry, expertise, and career trajectory is immensely valuable when crafting an effective resume. 

While there's certainly valuable information available online, it's also wise to seek guidance where possible. However, I'm often disheartened when I hear that someone has paid another person to compose their resume. 

A specialized recruiter can provide you with personalized and pertinent guidance tailored to your field, making it easier to translate your experience onto paper.