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Maureen Penfold (9)

How to effectively engage with Senior Stakeholders as a BD & Marketing Manager in a Law Firm

​Stakeholder engagement involves the art of interacting, collaborating, and building relationship...

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Kevin Hogarth  (4)

Leaders with Ambition - Stuart Davis

​Stuart Davis - Global Director of Marketing and Business Development, Litigation at Dechert LLP“...

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​How law firm hybrid working policies are evolving in 2023

When the world was catapulted into lockdown back in March 2020, this marked the start of a workin...

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Us Bdm Salary Guide

Legal Marketing, BD & Communications Salary Guide - New York

Welcome to Ambition’s first Legal BD, Marketing & Communications salary guide, specifically for N...

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Kevin Hogarth  (1)

Leaders with Ambition - Robin Simmonds

​​“Timing is everything,” or so goes the old adage. But, as Nicky Acuna Ocana’s guest on this ep...

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​Let’s not revert back to old hiring processes

​After experiencing a rapid period of change in hiring processes across the Legal Business Develo...

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How to get headhunted on LinkedIn as a Legal BD & Marketing professional

​LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms in the world for business professionals to connect...

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Womens Equality Day

What is National Woman's Equality day?

One day gender won’t limit opportunities. That’s the aim anyway. But until then days like Nation...

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Maureen Penfold (7)

Leaders with Ambition *Special edition* - Nick Waterworth

​Strong, healthy workplace cultures start with intentionality and, as we learn on this episode of...

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Uk   Li Article Header

Is this the end of Corporate ED&I?

Over the last few years there’s been a surge in ED&I roles. With big businesses hiring rapidly to...

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Maureen Penfold (1)

​Leaders With Ambition - Erin Lawler

We see it again and again, professionals at the top of their game are invariably clear about the ...

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Uk   Salary Guide Blog Headers (1)

The Top 5 Legal Marketing Hiring Trends in 2023

​As we are now in the second half the year, I wanted to share some key observations I’m continuin...

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Mike Mellor Blog Header

Leaders with Ambition - Mike Mellor

​Paying it forward is an investment – one made happily by Mike Mellor, who followed his passion a...

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Why mental health needs to be a key element of your Diversity & Inclusion strategy

​The landscape of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) is changing. It’s becoming more commonplace...

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An overview of the LMA 23 Annual Conference

​A few weeks ago, some of the Ambition US team were lucky enough to attend the Legal Marketing As...

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​Leaders With Ambition - Chris Hinze

Chris Hinze, our guest on this episode of the Leaders With Ambition podcast, has found at Steptoe...

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New Lwa Blog Header (1) (1)

​Leaders With Ambition - Peter Skinner

​Confident, not cocky. It’s a description that perfectly describes Host Nicky Acuna Ocana’s gues...

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​Leaders With Ambition - Susanne Pugsley

​Susanne Pugsley’s highly successful career trajectory has been defined by the professional and p...

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Leaders with Ambition - Adam Soames

​Change, challenge and growth are all central drivers in the career of Adam Soames, featured gues...

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