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It's a Small World in Legal Marketing: A Look at US vs. UK / European Markets

​Having spent more than a decade recruiting legal marketing and business development professional...

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Four Key Hiring Predictions for Law Firm Marketing, BD and Communications Teams in 2024

​As we’re now comfortably settled into 2024, this is a good time to share a few predictions for h...

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​How law firm hybrid working policies are evolving in 2023

When the world was catapulted into lockdown back in March 2020, this marked the start of a workin...

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​Let’s not revert back to old hiring processes

​After experiencing a rapid period of change in hiring processes across the Legal Business Develo...

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Rethinking Recruitment and Retention in Professional Services

​Much has been made of ‘the great resignation’ in recent months.It is predicted that waves of emp...

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